Bruce + Caroline

Another beautiful wedding was held this weekend at First United Methodist Church in Asheboro NC. This is one of the more historic churches in Asheboro and most certainly one of the most admirable. Bruce and Caroline had a ceremony at 5 o’clock on June13th followed by a quaint reception at Tot Hill Farms. Stay tuned for more photos!_MG_5106 copy _MG_5122 _MG_5111 copy _MG_5130 copy _MG_5149 copy _MG_5148 copy _MG_5293 copy _MG_5162 copy _MG_5192 copy _MG_5207 copy _MG_5224 copy _MG_5277 copy _MG_5279 copy _MG_5611_s _MG_5621_s

Dexter + Mynyawn Levette

Meet Dexter and Mynyawn Levette! They decided to have a quick marriage at the courthouse, followed by a photo session with me at the Bicentennial Gardens in Greensboro. Both Mynyawn and Dexter shared a toast with one another and enjoyed their champagne through the beautiful Bicentennial Gardens. They later made plans to go out of town to celebrate. Such a sweet and charming couple, I love it!

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Spring Colors

This session was full of color and sweet faces so I felt it necessary to share. The Gallimore family decided to meet at their grandmothers quaint little home in Ramseur NC and it was a perfect day for the occasion. The air was warm, flowers in bloom and  a smiling baby on board. Nothing better than that on photo day!

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A Florida Holiday

Last week was a time for family + togetherness. The Holidays are upon us and it’s always a bit stressful to travel but of course, always well worth it!

During our 7-day visit, Jake and I stayed in Kissimmee FL. We accomplished some much needed house work for his grandmother + grandfather which felt great, plus we had the chance to enjoy the warm Florida weather on the side. It was nice to visit with everyone and actually having the time to help out was enjoyable. I wish we could do this more often than not, but it was great seeing the ones we love in the short time available. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and can remember to enjoy the friends and family that are here to share it, near or far.

Happy Holidays 🙂